April 24, 2014-- The Spokane Guild School Penny Drive is just around the corner. Executive Director Dick Boysen gave us the details.--Click Here

April 24, 2014-- ABC's Scott Goldberg on the federal government wanting to crack down on E-Cigarettes.--Click Here

April 24, 2014--- President Obama is visiting Tokyo. ABC's Ann Compton is traveling with the President.  --Click Here

April 23, 2014-- Governor Jay Inslee on the President's visit to Oso, Healthcare and the Bertha project.---Part one --Part two

April 23, 2014-- Nicole Lund talks on her experience running the 2014 Boston Marathon. --Click Here

April 23, 2014-- It is Eagle Week for Eastern Washington University. Football coach Beau Baldwin joined us to talk about the Red and White spring game this Saturday.--Click Here

April 22, 2014-- ABC's Scott Goldberg on a teenager's journey from California to Hawaii in the wheel well of an airplane. --Click Here

April 22, 2014-- The first American man to win the Boston Marathon since 1983 crossed the finish line yesterday. ABC's Aaron Katersky says this is just one of many success stories to come from the race. --Click Here

April 22, 2014-- ABC's Tom Rivers on the questions surfacing as more bodies are found in the sunken South Korean Ferry. --Click Here

April 21, 2014-- Former Congressman George Nethercutt on Spokane's Brightest Minds being honored at the convention center tonight.--Click Here

April 21, 2014-- The St. Georges Robotic Team is headed to the World Championship. Omair Ahmad and Olivia Bridston told us about their projects.  --Click Here

April 21, 2014-- It's WSU Spokane Week! Athletic Director Bill Moos talks on all of the festivities.  --Click Here

April 21, 2014-- Today is the 118th Boston Marathon. ABC's Aaron Katersky reports from Boston.--Click Here

April 21, 2014-- Kim Kommando shared all the details you need to know about the Heartbleed Bug. --Click Here

April 18, 2014--Spokane marathoner Nicole Lund talks about running the Boston Marathon for the first time--Click Here

April 18, 2014--Retiring CEO of Greater Spokane Incorporated talks about leaving GSI, his accomplishments and the economic future of Spokane--Click Here

April 18, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein reviews 'Transcendence' and 'Heaven is For Real'--Click Here

April 18, 2014--Search for surivors of capsized ferry continues--Click Here

April 18, 2014--ABC's Steven Portnoy updates the crisis in Ukraine--Click Here

April 18, 2014--Facebook rolls out a feature that lets you track your friends in real time--Click Here

April 17, 2014-- The Washington man behind the iconic Boston Marathon Bombing photo, Bill Iffrig joined us live to talk about Bloomsday and his future marathons. --Click Here

April 17, 2014-- Today is thre first of three mock crashes at local high schools to raise awarness about drunk driving. Paul Fuchs with Project Imprint gave us the details.--Click Here

April 17, 2014-- ABC's Brad Garret on public event security measures since the Boston Marathon Bombing.--Click Here

April 17, 2014-- President Obama stepped up the pressure on House Republicans yesterday to take up Immigration Reform. ABC's Ann Compton on the details: --Click Here

April 16, 2014--Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers on possible medical school in Spokane and higher education--Click Here

April 16, 2014--Senator Andy Billig on possible shift in power with Senator Rodney Tom's retirement and possible medical school in Spokane-Click Here

April 16, 2014--The Lohan family's exploits and Mile Cyrus is sick--Click Here

April 16, 2014--ABC's White House Correspondent Ann Compton on events in Ukraine and immigration reform--Click Here

April 16, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on how Heartbleed is about to get worse--Click Here

April 15, 2014--Spokane city councilman Mike Fagan on Logan developement and timely investigations into officer-involved shootings--Click Here

April 15, 2014--Boston remembers the one year anniversary of the bombings--Click Here

April 15, 2014--Bloomsday founder Don Kardong on race entries and late registration--Click Here

April 15, 2014--Last minute Tax Tips--Click Here

April 15, 2014--Changes coming to frequent flyer programs that you may not like--Click Here

April 14, 2014--Former Gonzaga women's basketball coach Kelly Graves about leaving for University of Oregon--Click Here

April 14, 2014--Entertainment report with David Blaustein--Click Here

April 14, 2014--President speaks about Kansas shooting--Click Here

Arpil 14, 2014--Three dead in Kansas Jewish community center shooting--Click here

April 14, 2014--ABC's Richard Davies with a look at the economy this week--Click Here

April 4, 2014--Spokane's Shriners Children's Hospital will offer free health screening this weekend--Click Here

April 4, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein on 'Captain America' sequal opening Friday--Click Here

April 4, 2014--The FDA approves a drug overdose antidote for home use--Click Here

April 4, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on controversial paternity leave for Mets player Daniel Murphy--Click Here

April 4, 2014--Political analyst Rick Klein with a preview of "This Week with George Stephanopoulos"--Click Here

April 4, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on new jobs numbers and White House response to Ft. Hood shooting--Click Here

April 3, 2014--Crime and Terrorism Analyst Brad Garrett on Fort Hood shooting--Click Here

April 3, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky on FBI seizing thousands of artifacts from 91-year-old man's property--Click Here

April 3, 2014--Movie Mom Nell Minnow loves Captain America--Click Here

April 2, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein on Linda Ronstadt and the How I Met Your Mother finale--Click Here

April 2, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky on successful prsecution of Osama bin Laden's son-in-law--Click Here

April 2, 2014--New study on bullying finds popular teens are not immune--Click Here

April 2, 2014--GM CEO grilled by lawmakers over faulty ignition switches--Click Here

April 1, 2014--Spokane City Councilmember Amber Waldref on Mayor's veto of urban sprawl ordinance--Click Here

April 1, 2014--ABC's Jim Ryan on Bigfoot hoax and the Spokane connection--Click Here

April 1, 2014--Rearview cameras will become commonplace in American-made vehicles--Click Here

April 1, 2014--ABC's Political Analyst Trey Hardin on 2016 GOP Presidential positioning--Click Here

April 1, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on Monday's deadline to sign up for Obamacare--Click Here

March 31, 2014--Grearter Spokane County Meals on Wheels needs volunteers--Click Here

March 31, 2014--"Stiletto Murder" trail gets underway--Click Here

March 31, 2014--The latest on efforts to find missing Malaysian airliner--Click Here

March 31, 2014--ABc's David Blaustein on "Frozen" and "Noah"--Click Here

March 31, 2014--ABC's White House Correspondent Ann Compton on deadline for Obamacare--Click Here

March 31, 2014--A look at the economy in the week ahead--Click Here

March 28, 2014-Al Gilson from the DOT on construction and studded tires.--Click Here

March 28, 2014-ABC's David Blaustein reviews "Noah"--Click Here

March 26, 2014--ABC's Alex Stone on site of the Oso mudslide--Click Here

March 26, 2014--WA National Guard will head to Oso to help with recovery efforts in the aftermath of mudslide--Click Here

March 26, 2014--Chris Gardner, the man whose life story is portrayed in the movie "Pursuit of Happiness" will speak at Women Helping Women luncheon in Spokane--Click Here, Part 2

March 26, 2014--Spokane's Logan neighborhood fights new drive-thru McDonald's--Click Here

March 26, 2014--Gwenyth Paltrow splits from hubby, and stalker scares Taylor Swift--Click Here

March 26, 2014--Search for the missing Malaysian airliner narrows--Click Here

March 25, 2014--Spokane Red Cross sends volunteers to mudslide scene--Click Here

March 25, 2014--ABC's Alex Stone on site of Oso mudslide--Click Here

March 25, 2014--Spokane City Council passes ordinances dealing with livestock within city limits and a new way to catch school zone speeders--Click Here

March 25, 2014--WSU Spokane's master plan looks ahead at the next 10 years--Click Here

March 25, 2014--Tax Tips #3--Click Here

March 25, 2014--2013's Airline with most passengers may surprise you--Click Here

March 25, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton in The Netherlands for nuclear security summit--Click Here

March 24, 2014--Spokane family stuck in Texas as oil spill affects cruise ships--Click Here

March 24, 2014--Spokane city council considers expanding backyard farming-S & P Homestead Farm weighs in--Click Here

March 24, 2014--Updates on the missing Malaysian airliner--Click Here

March 24, 2014--Study shows fewer Americans are drinking the daily cup of coffee--Click Here

March 24, 2014--A look at the economy this week with ABC's Richard Davies--Click Here

March 21, 2014--Black Friday on second day of Spring? Big box retailers roll out the sales--Click Here

March 21, 2014--President Obama issues more sanctions against Russia--Click Here

March 21, 2014--20,000 taxpayers victimized by largest IRS phone scam ever--Click Here

March 21, 2014--"Divergent" and new Muppet movie hit theatres this weekend--Click Here

March 20, 2014--U.S Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers in Spokane on District work break--Click Here Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

March 20, 2014--More evidence that Spokane is a great sport town-Spokane welcomes the NCAA tournament on Thursday--Click Here

March 20, 2014--Gonzaga Women's basketball head coach Kelly Graves on heading to the NCAA tournament--Click Here

March 20, 2014--Crime and Terrorism consultant Brad Garrett on what investigators think is the most likely cause of the disappearance of Malaysian flight 370--Click Here

March 20, 2014--Focal point of search for missing Malaysian airliner shifts to new location--Click Here

March 20, 2014--ABC's Ann Comptom on President Obama ready to blame Russia is violence breaks out in Ukraine--Click Here

March 19, 2014--March Madness hits the Spokane Arena on Thursday with practice open to the public on Wednesday--Click Here

March 19, 2014--County Commissioner Todd Mielke on city's "urban sprawl" decision--Click Here

March 19, 2014--Entertainment report with ABC's David Blaustein--Click Here

March 19, 2014--Obamacare tries to reach young people with March Madness ties--Click Here

March 19, 2014--White House correspondent Ann Compton on threat of more sanctions against Russia--Click Here

March 18, 2014--Spokane Council President Ben Stuckart on council's "urban sprawl" decision Monday--Click Here

March 18, 2014--Former hostages in Tehran share their story of love and survival in new book--Click Here

March 18, 2014--President Obama issues sanctions against Russia-Will they matter?--Click Here

March 18, 2014--General Motors widens it's recall orders--Click Here

March 17, 2014--Bleacher Report's college basketball sports writer, Jason King shares his analysis of NCAA Tournament--Click Here

March 17, 2014--Actor Wayne Knight really isn't dead--Click Here

March 17, 2014--New study begins on turning nutrients found in dark chocolate into pills to prevent heart attacks and stroke--Click Here

March 17, 2014--ABC's Tom Rivers on missing Malaysian airliner and focus on pilots--Click Here

March 14, 2014--Longer schools days for Spokane Public Schools kids. Dr. Shelley Redinger on how you can have input--Click Here

March 14, 2014--Hawaiian Daze at 49 Degrees North this weekend--Click Here

March 14, 2014--Movie reviews of "Veronica Mars" and "Need for Speed"--Click Here

March 14, 2014--New information and new theories in the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines plane--Click Here

March 14, 2014--ABC's Steven Portnoy on talks between U.S. and Russia about Ukraine crisis--Click Here

March 14, 2014--Aborted plane landing in Philly--Click Here

March 12, 2014--Muppets, Kardashians and Jaun Pablo-David Blaustein has his entertainment update--Click Here

March 12, 2014--ABC's Andy Field on Senate intel Chair accusing CIA of spying on Congress--Click Here

March 12, 2014--Update on missing Malaysia Airlines plane--Click Here

March 12, 2014--White House Correspondent Ann Compton on meeting with Ukrain Prime Minister and "Between Two Ferns" criticism--Click Here

March 11, 2014--Tax Tips #2--Click here

March 11, 2014--Boston Marathon doubles security for 2014 race--Click Here

March 11, 2014--White House urges Russia to seize "off-ramp" option with crisis in Ukraine--Click Here

March 11, 2014--New details in the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines plane--Click Here

March 10, 2014--Get ready for the St. Patty's Day Parade in downtown Spokane--Click Here

March 10, 2014--Avalanche danger is increasing in Idaho and Washington's backcountry--Click Here

March 10, 2014--President Obama set to visit with Ukraine Prime Minister this week--Click Here

March 10, 2014--Searchers finding no clues in the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines plane--Click Here

March 10, 2014--A look at the economy in the week ahead--Click Here

March 7, 2014--Senator Michael Baumgartner's resolution honoring WSU's football team of 1915--Click Here

March 7, 2014-- Author Jeff Pearlman on his new book "Showtime" about the LA Lakers Dynasty of the 1980's--Click Here

March 7, 2014--Ad companies ask Girl Scouts to end partnership with Barbie--Click Here

March 7, 2014--ABC's Jason Nathonson with reviews of movies opening this weekend--Click Here

March 7, 2014--White House Correspondent Ann Compton on the Ukraine crisis--Click Here

March 6, 2014--STA tests out all-electric bus--Click Here

March 6, 2014--Warming trend is going to stick around--Click Here

March 6, 2014--Spokane Police Department's Chronic Offender Unit gets underway--Click Here

March 6, 2014--Legalizing recreational pot poses problems for Washington, Colorado and the federal government--Click Here

March 6, 2014--Nell Minnow, Movie Mom previews "Mr. Peabody"--Click Here

March 6, 2014--SAT's are getting an overhaul--Click Here

March 5, 2014--Avista explains projects behind rate increases--Click Here

March 5, 2014--Carry-on bag too big? One airline will start cracking down on offenders--Click Here

March 5, 2014--White House Correspondent Ann Compton on President's reaction to Ukraine situation and release of the President's budget--Click Here

March 5, 2014--18 year old sues parents for financial support and college tuition--Click Here

March 5, 2014--Oprah scolds Lindsay Lohan and other entertainment news with Matt Wolfe--Click Here

March 4, 2014--Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy Mark Gregory on standoff and officer involved shooting in Spokane Valley--Click Here

March 4, 2014--"Invent Idaho" gets underway-Meet Cannon who has invented something parents could use--Click Here

March 4, 2014--Central Valley School District's Melanie Rose on bomb threat at University High School--Click Here

March 4, 2014--Ukraine crisis continues as Russia tightens grip on Crimea--Click Here

March 4, 2014--President Obama presents his 2015 budget--Click Here

March 4, 2014--Federal Lawsuit regarding Vietnam veterans with PTSD seeks class-action status--Click Here

March 3, 2014--"Call Before You Dig" campaign gets underway in the region just in time for home project season--Click Here

March 3, 2014--David Blaustein was at the Oscars, and breaks down the list of winners and losers--Click Here

March 3, 2014--Tensions between Russia and Ukraine increase and the Obama Administration reacts--Click Here

March 3, 2014--A look at the economy this week--Click Here

February 28, 2014-- A new documentary on the Barefoot bandit is coming out called "Fly Colt Fly."--Click Here

February 28, 2014-- Hoopfest Executive Director RickSteltenpohl joined us to talk about his resignation from the organization --Click Here

February 28, 2014-- Chris Marr with the Washington State Liquor Control Board talks on the state moving ahead with Initiative 502.--Click Here

February 28, 2014-- The Oscars are this Sunday. ABC's David Blaustein talks about the nominees. --Part One --Part Two

February 28, 2014--Is Big Brother watching you? ABC's Scott Goldberg talks on how an agency was grabbing footage from webcams. --Click Here

February 27, 2014-- Spokane is hosting two national events this weekend. Dana Hayne from the Spokane Sports Commission joined us with the details -Click Here

February 27, 2014-- Why are we so drawn to crime stories in the movies? ABC's Brad Garrett explains--Click Here

February 27, 2014-- The FDA is making some changes to food labels. ABC's Steven Portnoy tells us what it will mean for consumers --Click Here

February 25, 2014--Spokane City Council member Jon Snyder on council's decision to be "neutral"  with STEP--Click Here

February 25, 2014--WA Sen. Michael Baumgartner on Senate's supplemental budget proposal--Click Here

February 25, 2014--WA Liquor Control Board will look at creating new rules about state's liquor distribution tax--Click Here

February 25, 2014--Tax Tips #1--Click Here

February 25, 2014--Pentagon proposes astonishing cuts to the nation's defense budget--Click Here

February 25, 2014--Taco Bell takes on McDonald's with a new breakfast lineup--Click Here

February 25, 2014--Farecompare's Rick Seaney on airfares going up and who will pay more--Click Here

February 24, 2014--Final wrap-up from Sochi, Russia with ABC's Jim Ryan--Click Here

February 24, 2014--President Obama hosts nation's Governors and offers budget proposal dealing with funding for wildfires--Click Here

February 24, 2014--One dead after carbon-monoxide leak at NY mall, dozens of others hospitalized--Click Here

February 24, 2014--Spokane Aids Network gets ready for Oscar night bash--Click Here

February 21, 2014--Rep. Kevin Parker explains his human trafficking bill--Click Here

February 21, 2014--Restaurant Week kicks off Friday in the Inland Northwest--Click Here

February 21, 2014--Mead School District holds a robotic competition this weekend--Click Here

February 21, 2014--The winter Olympics are nearing their end. ABC's Jim Ryan has medal updates live from Sochi, Russia--Click Here

February 21, 2014--Movie reviews with ABC's David Blaustein--Click Here

February 21, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on President's budget and the Dalai Lama at the White House--Click Here

February 19, 2014--New emergency communications system starts up in Spokane County--Click Here

February 19, 2014--Former Biggest Loser winner Ali Vincent talks about the Go Red For Women luncheon in Spokane--Click Here

February 19, 2014--Is Miley Cyrus' tour too racy?--Click Here

February 19, 2014--Live from Sochi, Russia-ABC's Jim Ryan has an Olympic update--Click Here

February 19, 2014--Online doctor reviews-are they worth it?--Click Here

February 18, 2014--Theft leaves Moscow, Idaho Special Olympics team without equipment--Click Here

February 18, 2014--Climbing fees for Mount Everest are being cut in half. Local climber shares his thoughts on what this means--Click Here

February 18, 2014--Authors of HRC:State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton--Click Here

February 18, 2014--U.S. medal count and what to watch today in the Olympics--Click Here

February 18, 2014--President's trade trip to Mexico hits obstacles--Click Here

February 18, 2014--There's no clown around! Concerns of a nation-wide clown shortage--Click Here

February 14, 2014--Councilman Mike Fagan on the opening of a male bikini coffee stand--Click Here

February 14, 2014--Representative Kevin Parker on the state transportation budget proposal--Click Here

February 14, 2014--Doug Miller says Diamond Cup is a go for 2014--Click Here

February 13, 2014-- Hot Cup of Joe, a coffee shop featuring shirtless men is set to open up on Friday --Click Here

Februyary 13, 2014-- Taking your date to the movies for Valentine's Day? Movie Mom has the scoop on what to watch --Click Here

February 13, 2014-- How is the US doing at the Winter Olympics? ABC's Jim Ryan has an update --Click Here

Febraury 13, 2014-- ABC's Brad Garrett talks on terrorists using drones to kill U.S. Citizens; the Loud Music Murderer and a new study on school shootings --Click Here

February 12, 2014 -- Drink wine and raise money for the Spokane Human Society at Puppy Love with Wine-- Click Here

February 12, 2014 -- Mike Patrick warns against tax related scams using the URS name-- Click Here

February 12, 2014-- ABC's Jim Ryan gives the latest details from US teams in Sochi-- Click Here

February 11, 2014--Winthrop, Wa. is home to several Olympians. Cross Country coach and three-time Olympian Leslie Hall on the Olympic training ground in Winthrop--Click Here

February 11, 2014--Spokane City Council tackles police guild contract and solid waste system--Click Here

February 11, 2014--Harlem Globetrotter's Firefly visits Spokane to talk about upcoming show--Click Here

February 11, 2014--ABC's Jim Ryan live from Sochi, Russia with medal count and women's hockey--Click Here

February 11, 2014--The battle over internet gambling heats up--Click Here

February 7, 2014--ABC's Jim Ryan watches the Olympic opening ceremony in Sochi, Russia--Click Here

February 7, 2014--Mount Spokane Ski Resort is open again after a closure becuase of dangerous wind chill--Click Here

February 7, 2014--Union Gospel Mission holds job fair--Click Here

February 7, 2014--Jay Leno's last show--Click Here

February 7, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on the Senate failing to extend unemployment benefits and the January jobs reports is out--Click Here

February 6, 2014--ABC's Jim Ryan live in Sochi, Russia with the latest developments at the Olympics--Click Here

February 6, 2014--Alarming statistics about Heroin use in the U.S.--Click Here

February 6, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on her Lifetime Achievement award and the President's busy schedule--Click Here

February 5, 2014--Sex trade ring is busted on the East Coast--Click Here

February 5, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on new Obamacare report--Click Here

February 4, 2014--Send your Valentine a "Cinna-gram" and help out a good cause in Spokane--Click Here

February 4, 2014--"Miracle on the Hudson" flight attendant shares her story of survival--Click Here

February 4, 2014--Political parties hold "issues" conferences to discuss where the battle lines will be drawn--Click Here

February 4, 2014--Winter storms cause flight cancellations and headaches for travelers and airlines--Click Here

January 31, 2014--KXLY's Keith Osso is covering the Seahawks in NYC--Click Here

January 31, 2014--Third World countries benefit from the losing team in the Super Bowl--Click Here

January 31, 2014--Bob Ibach on special Seahawk's commemorative footballs that will help Pete Carroll's charity--Click Here

January 31, 2014--Paul Moyer with the Seahawks broadcast group on what's going through player's minds--Click Here

January 31, 2014--Jessamyn McIntyre, WSU sideline reporter and ESPN Seattle Executive Producer is in NYC covering the Seahawks--Click Here

January 31, 2014--New movies this weekend? Or Super Bowl? ABC's David Blaustein has this advice--Click Here

January 31, 2014--ABC's Tom Rivers on Amanda Knox guilty verdict in Italy--Click Here

January 31, 2014--Former President Bill Clinton will speak at Senate Democrats retreat--Click Here

January 31, 2014--The Spokane Boat Show is underway--Click Here

January 31, 2014--Rep. Jeff Holy on his measure that would require the unemployed to perform community service--Click Here

January 30, 2014--Spokane Mayor David Condon talks about his State of the City address--Click Here, Part Two

January 30, 2014--KXLY's Keith Osso is in NYC covering the Super Bowl--Click Here

January 30, 2014--Sex trafficking and the Super Bowl--Click Here

January 30, 2014--Verdict in Amanda Knox appeals trial should come down Thursday morning--Click Here

January 30, 2014--President takes his State of the Union message on the road--Click Here

January 29, 2014--U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers on her Republican response to the President's speech--Click Here Part One, Part Two, Part Three

January 29, 2014--KXLY's Tom Giles is in NYC covering the Seahawks and the Super Bowl--Click Here

January 29, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on some college athletes trying to form a union--Click Here

January 29, 2014--Businesses are changing the way they swipe your credit and debit cards--Click Here

January 29, 2014--Breaking down the President's State of the Union speech and what's next--Click Here

January 29, 2014--White House Correspondent Ann Compton on the President's State of the Union speech--Click Here

January 28, 2014--Our KXLY team is in NYC covering the Super Bowl. Keith Osso on Media Day--Click Here

January 28, 2014--Spokane food and travel blogger offers some great ideas for Super Bowl snacks--Click Here

January 28, 2014--For $100,000, you can have quite the elite Super Bowl experience. No Limit Air has package deals--Click Here

January 28, 2014--Super Bowl security starts to take shape--Click Here

January 28, 2014--Preparations for the State of the Union and NSA reform--Click Here

January 28, 2014--What to expect from the President's State of the Union and Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers Republican response--Click Here

January 27, 2014--KXLY's Keith Osso and Tom Giles are in NYC covering the Super Bowl. Hear their reports every morning at 6:30!--Click Here

January 27, 2014--Find out how to get a special commemorative Super Bowl football and display case--Click Here

January 27, 2014--Washington Senator Michael Baumgartner on his proposal to use money from marijuana sales for law enforcement--Click Here

January 27, 2014--Department of Transportations' Al Gilson on Spokane projects--Click Here

January 27, 2014--Entertainment reporter David Blaustein on the Grammy's--Click Here

January 27, 2014--Backstage at the Grammy Awards--Click Here

January 27, 2014--A look at the economy this week with Richard Davies--Click Here

January 24, 2014--White House Correspondent Ann Compton on NSA review board recommendations and U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers delivering Republican response to State of the Union--Click Here

January 24, 2014--Coaches vs. Cancer kicks off with Zags game this weekend-Find out where to get your "Believe" shirt--Click Here

January 24, 2014--The Jersey Report from Dick's Sporting Goods--Click Here

January 24, 2014--Geiger Corrections Center starts up a home monitoring program to save money--Click Here

January 24, 2014--Kim Komando offers tips on dealing with debit/credit card security breaches--Click Here

January 24, 2014--"Goodfellas" mobsters arrested more than 30 years later--Click Here

January 24, 2014--David Blaustein offers his thoughts on "I Frankenstein" not being screened for critics--Click Here

January 24, 2014--Saturday is National Gonzaga Day. Learn how you can be involved--Click Here

January 24, 2014--ABC's Political Director Rick Klein on President's State of the Union address and U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers Republican response--Click Here

January 23, 2014--Spokane Mayor David Condon is in Washington DC to talk to lawmakers about funding for homeless programs in Spokane--Click Here

January 23, 2014--Pride Prep's Brenda McDonald on Spokane's first Charter school--Click Here

January 23, 2014--Rep. Kevin Parker on the first 2 weeks of the legislative session and minimum wage proposals--Click Here

January 23, 2014--White House beefs up efforts to stop sexual assault on college campuses--Click Here

January 23, 2014--Movie Mom Nell Minnow on the movies opening up this weekend--Click Here

January 23, 2014--Crime and Terrorism Analyst Brad Garrett looks at security issues for big events like the Superbowl and Olympics--Click Here

January 23, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky on how crews are preparing for snow and ice at the Superbowl--Click Here

January 22, 2014--Pink Tie Guys of Eastern Washington host "Skate for the Cure" in Spokane--Click Here

January 22, 2014--Entertainment report with ABC's David Blaustein and all he wants to talk about is Richard Sherman!--Click Here

January 22, 2014--Republican National Committee kicks off as parties seize abortion rights as midterm issue--Click Here

January 22, 2014--Live from Sochi, Russia on latest security scares--Click Here

January 20, 2014--MLK Day observances in Spokane and how police are protecting you--Click Here

January 20, 2014--Russia investigates new Sochi Olympic games terror threat--Click Here

January 20, 2014--This week in entertainment with ABC's David Blaustein--Click Here

January 20, 2014--White House Correspondent Ann Compton on what the President is doing on this MLK Day--Click Here

January 20, 2014--ABC's Richard Davies with a look at the economy in the week ahead--Click Here

January 17, 2014--Seattle teacher Kevin Zelko helps raise thousands of dollars to give school kids Seahawks jerseys--Click Here

January 17, 2014--Seahawk Broadcasting team's Paul Moyer on trash talk, playing nice and team focus--Click Here

January 17, 2014--Want to see the Hawks play on a really big screen? The Garland Theatre is the place to go--Click Here

January 17, 2014--Seattle reporter Corwin Haeck live from CenturyLink Field in Seattle--Click Here, Part Two

January 17, 2014--Washington's Health Plan Finder tries a unique approach to reach out to uninsured young people--Click Here

January 17, 2014--President to announce NSA surveillance reforms and Congress funds the government through fiscal 2014--Click Here

January 17, 2014--The Vatican answers tough questions about child sex abuse for the first time--Click Here

January 16, 2013--Bud Nameck on trash talk in the Bay area about the upcoming NFC Championship game--Click Here

January 16, 2014--Results from the recent Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over patrols in the region--Click Here

January 16, 2014--Law enforcement announces security preps for Super Bowl at MetLife stadium--Click Here

January 16, 2014--New poll shows the nation is equally divided on pot legalization--Click Here

January 16, 2014--A video sufaces showing "proof of life" of missing Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from Idaho--Click Here

January 15, 2014--Justin Bieber's house is searched and police find drugs after egg-throwing incident--Click Here

January 15, 2014--U.S. appeals court strikes down FCC's equal internet access rules--Click Here

January 15, 2014--Judge deals setback in NFL concussion settlement--Click Here

January 15, 2014--ABC's Jim Ryan on recent school shooting in Roswell, New Mexico--Click Here

January 14, 2014-- Judge Heavy joined us to talk on the Amanda Knox trial--Click Here

January 14, 2014-- Councilwoman Candace Mumm joined us to talk about last night's City Council meeting --Click Here

January 14, 2014-- HHS Secretary Sebelius announces health insurance marketplace numbers --Click Here

January 14, 2014-- Senate appears to be ready for cloture vote on unemployment benefits --Click Here

January 14, 2014-- ABC's Jim Ryan talks on another jet landing at the wrong airport--Click Here

January 13, 2014--Local movie "Different Drummers" is #1 movie at River Park Square AMC theaters over the weekend--Click Here

January 13, 2014--Senator Andy Billig on Washington's 60-day legislative session--Click Here

January 13, 2014--Flu season means donations are down at the Inland Northwest Blood Center--Click Here

January 13, 2014--A-Rod may be able to return to play sooner than orginally ordered--Click Here

January 13, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on the President's week ahead--Click Here

January 13, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein on the winners and losers at the Golden Globes--Click Here

January 13, 2014--Behind the scenes at the Golden Globes--Click Here

January 13, 2014--A look at the economy this week--Click Here

January 10, 2014-Spokane Mayor David Condon on Criminal Justice Commission Report and raising the 12th Man flag--Click Here

January 10, 2014--Christie's lane closure fiasco and the political fallout--Click Here

January 10, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein on "Her" and "Lone Survivor"--Click Here

January 10, 2014--The International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has something for everyone--Click Here

January 10, 2014--The Influenza outbreak rages on--Click Here

January 9, 2014--Spokane Public Schools Dir. of Safety, Transportation and Security, Jason Conley on arming Resource Officers in schools--Click here

January 9, 2014--New Jersey Gov. Christie fires aide and apologizes for traffic jam scandal--Click Here

January 9, 2014--Department of Justice creates new school discipline guidelines--Click Here

January 9, 2014--The President gets ready to make some changes to surveillance programs--Click Here

January 9, 2014--ABC's Brad Garrett on NSA surveillance changes--Click Here

January 8, 2014--New studies shed light on cancer survival rates and smoking in America--Click Here

January 8, 2014--Firestorm in Washington D.C. over former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates' memoir--Click Here

January 8, 2014--Dennis Rodman in North Korea for another "friendly game"--Click Here

January 7, 2014--Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers on goals for 2014, unemployment benefits, and the Farm Bill--Click Here

January 7, 2014--Spokane City Councilwoman Amber Waldref on new powers for Council President--Click here

January 7, 2014--Tuesday the one-month mark to the Sochi Winter Olympics. ABC's Tom Rivers on security--Click Here

January 6, 2014--"Polar Votex" hits the U.S causing record low temperatures--Click Here

January 6, 2014--Widespread H1N1 virus hits 25 states including Washington--Click Here

January 6, 2014--President Obama gets back to work. What's on his agenda?--Click Here

January 6, 2014--Retailers release holiday shopping numbers--Click Here

January 3, 2014--USA Cares helps hundreds of military families in the state of Washington--Click Here

January 3, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein on what movies he's looking forward to in 2014--Click Here

January 3, 2014--A powerful storm hits the Northeast. ABC's Aaron Katersky was in Manhattan as the snow came down--Click Here

January 2, 2014--Movie Mom has her top movies of 2013--Click Here

January 2, 2014--Terrorism concerns for the Russian Olympics--Click Here

January 2, 2014--North Korea's leader delivers a public speech on New Years that baffles everyone--Click Here

December 30th, 2013--First Night 2013 gets underway Tuesday afternoon. Find out how to ring in the New Year in downtown Spokane--Click Here

December 30th, 2013--CPA Mike Patrick with end-of-year tax strategies--Click Here

December 30th, 2013--Federal healthcare enrollments surge in December--Click Here

December 30th, 2013--ABC's Aaron Katersky on tougher gun control restrictions passed in Connecticut--Click Here

December 30th, 2013--A look back at the economy 2013--Click Here

December 27th, 2013--Did you watch the Hobbit over Christmas? You weren't alone. Entertainment reporter Andrea Drisdale with movie reviews--Click Here

December 27th, 2013--ABC's Scott Goldberg on a good year for Wall Street--Click Here

December 23rd, 2013--Target security breach fallout--Click Here

December 23rd, 2013--It's THAT deadline! ABC's Scott Goldberg on the first deadline for Obamacare if you want to have coverage beginning January 1st--Click Here

December 23rd, 2013--ABC's Tom Rivers on volatile situation in Sudan--Click Here

December 20th, 2013--WSU Cougars get ready for the Gildan New Mexico Bowl on Saturday. KXLY 920's Bud Nameck with a preview--Click Here, Part Two

December 20th, 2013--Target shoppers learn about security hack that could jeopardize their credit/debit cards--Click Here

December 20th, 2013--ABC's Jim Ryan on counterfeit goods making their way across the U.S-Mexican border this holiday season--Click Here

December 20th, 2013--Fixing the International Space Station with snorkels and diapers--Click Here

December 19th, 2013--Inland Northwest Blood Center hosts a Holiday Heroes Blood Drive. Find out how you can give back--Click Here

December 19th, 2013--Crime and Terrorism analyst Brad Garrett on threats of mass shootings and why more people are trying to take guns on planes--Click Here

December 19th, 2013--ABC's Steven Portnoy on White House panel's advice on NSA data gathering tactics--Click Here

December 18th, 2013--EWU Athletic Director Bill Chaves on the Eagles semi-finals matchup with Towson on Saturday--Click Here

December 18th, 2013--Fewer teens are using cocain and smoking cigarettes. But what about pot?--Click Here

December 18th, 2013--ABC's Ann Compton on the bi-partisan budget deal that is one step closer to passing--Click Here

December 18th, 2013--The defense rests its case against Amanda Knox in her 3rd murder trial in italy--Click Here

December 17th, 2013--Spokane Mayor David Condon on council's decision to table Ombudsman vote--Click Here Part One, Part Two

December 17th, 2013--Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart on what's next for the Ombudsman ordinance--Click Here

December 17th, 2013--Federal judge rules against N.S.A phone data program-Click Here

December 13, 2013--Happy 50th birthday to Schweitzer Mountain Resort this weekend-Find out about all the resort's planned events--Click Here

December 13, 2013--Wreaths Across America holds special ceremony at Washington State Veterans Cemetery--Click Here

December 13, 2013--Salvation Army's Major Steve Ball on the Red Kettle campaign and the need for more donations--Click Here

December 13, 2013--'Million Dollar Quartet' comes to Spokane-Hear from "Johnny Cash"--Click Here

December 13, 2013--ABC's David Blaustein loves "American Hustle"--Click Here

December 13, 2013--Fascinating story to watch Friday night on ABC's 20/20-Matt Gutman with a preview--Click Here

December 12, 2013--ABC's Vic Ratner on the latest with the recent bi-partisan budget deal--Click Here

December 12, 2013--As the anniversary of the Newtown school shooting nears, ABC's Brad Garrett talks about what's being done to prevent future incidents--Click Here

December 12, 2013--Movie Mom Nell Minnow on the movies opening this weekend and her take on some of the Golden Globe Noms--Click Here

December 11, 2013--EWU Athletic Director Bill Chaves on upcoming game against Jacksonville State--Click Here

December 11, 2013--Myk Crawford on his venture www. cougshirts.com where you'll find Cougar bowl apparel--Click Here

December 11, 2013--Second Harvest Food Bank hopes to raise about $80k in the next two months to meet the extra need in Spokane--Click Here

December 11, 2013--White House Correspondent Ann Compton on "that handshake"--Click Here

December 11, 2013--GM shakes up auto industry by hiring female CEO--Click Here

December 10, 2013--Memorial for Nelson Mandela is one of the largest in generations--Click Here

December 10, 2013--White House Correspondent Ann Compton on the President's speech and surprise handshake at Mandela's memorial--Click Here

December 10, 2013--Wa. Department of Transportation delays the completion of Highway 195 interchange project--Click Here

December 10, 2013--Holiday travel advice and how to find the best airfare to New Mexico for the Cougar game--Click Here

December 10, 2013--Stuff the Trunk donation drive for Meals On Wheels Spokane--Click Here

December 9, 2013--Go Cougs! WSU Cougars are headed to the Gildan New Mexico Bowl! Bowl Director Jeff Siembieda on getting to the game--Click Here

December 9, 2013--A look at the 2016 Presidential election-The authors of the book "Double Down: Game Change 2012" share their thoughts on the likely candidates from both sides--Click Here

December 9, 2013--American dignitaries and President Obama leave for South Africa to attend Mandela's funeral--Click Here

December 9, 2013--ABC's Richard Davies with a look at the economy in the week ahead--Click Here

December 6, 2013--WSU President Dr. Elson Floyd on grand opening of Riverpoint Campus' Biomedical Building--Click Here

December 6, 2013--Nelson Mandela dies at the age of 95. Live reports from Johannesburg, South Africa and London, England--Click Here, Part Two

December 6, 2013--ABC's Entertainment Correspondent David Blaustein has his review of Sound of Music Live! And, 'Out of the Furnace'--Click Here

December 5, 2013--Hope for the Holidays-Help the Union Gospel Mission with needed supplies and donations. And, hear from a Spokane woman who turned her life around with UGM programs--Click Here Part One, Part Two

December 5, 2013--Operation Spokane Heroes plans fun night at the Looff Carrousel--Click Here

December 5, 2013--ABC's Ann Compton on President Obama challenging GOP to come up with an alternative to Obamacare--Click Here

December 5, 2013--911 tapes released from Sandy Hook shootings. ABC's Brad Garrett on why tapes could discourage people from calling 911--Click Here

December 5, 2013--Fast food workers in 100 cities walk off the job today demanding more pay--Click Here

December 4, 2013--EWU Eagles football team gets ready to take on the Jack Rabbits on Saturday. Click Here to listen to Athletic Director Bill Chaves.

December 4, 2013--Nell Minnow of Moviemom.com reviews the movies opening this weekend--Click Here

December 4, 2013--TSA announces new pre-check program--Click Here

December 3, 2013--Spokane's Sophia Caruso hits the big time as a von Trapp child in live Sound Of Music telecast--Click Here to hear what's next for this young singer, actor and dancer.

December 3, 2013--BBB's Chelsea Mcguire on the 12 Scams of Christmas--Click Here

December 3, 2013--Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Campaign gets underway in Spokane. Target Zero Manager Karen Wigen--Click Here

December 3, 2013--News gets better for healthcare.gov, but users are still experiencing some website problems--Click Here

December 3, 2013--Cyber Monday was a huge success for online retailers--Click Here

December 2, 2013--Asst. Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer on prevalence of house fires this time of year--Click Here

December 2, 2013--Black Friday is in the books. How did retailers fare?--Click Here

December 2, 2013--China sends landing craft to the moon and starts arguments over airspace--Click Here

December 2, 2013--Healthcare.gov site is supposed be working at full speed right now. ABC's White House Correspondent Ann Compton has an update--Click Here

November 29, 2013--5th annual benefit hockey game between Spokane Police and Spokane Sheriff's Office--Click Here

November 29, 2013--Obamacare update. ABC's Steven Portnoy on latest fixes to healthcare.gov--Click Here

November 29, 2013--The UK trying to curb teen smoking with study on cigarette ads--Click Here

November 29, 2013--Black Friday in NYC. ABC's Aaron Katersky on retail sales--Click Here

November 27, 2013--What's hot in technology this holiday season? Engadget's Darren Murph knows--Click Here

November 27, 2013--ABC's David Blaustein on 'Frozen' and 'Homefont', two of the movies opening this holiday weekend--Click Here

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