October 21, 2014--Election 2014: Spokane County Sheriff-Ozzie Knezovich--Click Here

October 21, 2014--Election 2014: Spokane County Sheriff-Douglas Orr--Click Here

October 21, 2014--Election 2014: 6th Legislative District-Senator Michael Baumgartner--Click Here

October 21, 2014--Election 2014: 6th Legislative District-Rich Cowan--Click Here

October 21, 2014--Senator Patty Murray on hosting women's roundtable with Spokane leaders--Click Here

October 21, 2014--Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart on council meeting--Click Here

October 21, 2014--Monica Lewinsky makes public return with speech in Philadelphia--Click Here

October 21, 2014--Day of reckoning for Oscar Pistorius--Click Here

October 21, 2014--Breaking Bad action figure in toy stores causes controversy--Click Here

October 21, 2014--Evidence is mounting against Monster Energy drinks--Click Here

October 20, 2014--Election 2014: U.S. Congress 5th District-Cathy McMorris Rodgers--Click Here

October 20, 2014--Election 2014: U.S. Congress 5th District-Joe Pakootas--Click Here

October 20, 2014--Election 2014: County Commission-Al French--Click Here

October 20, 2014--Election 2014: County Commission-Mary Lou Johnson--Click Here

October 20, 2014--Get ready for Apple Pay--Click Here

October 20, 2014--An update on Ebola in the U.S--Click Here

October 20, 2014--A look at the economy in the week ahead--Click Here

October 17, 2014--Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman on upcoming general election--Click Here

October 17, 2014--A chance to run with the Zombies and raise money for charity--Click Here

October 17, 2014--One of the performers from "The Blueman Group" talks about Spokane shows--Click Here

October 17, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein reviews "Fury" and "The Best of Me"--Click Here

October 17, 2014--ABC's Mary Bruce on President naming an Ebola Czar--Click Here

October 16, 2014--Homes for Heroes comes to Spokane--Click Here

October 16, 2014--Crime and Terrorism Analyst Brad Garrett on federal government's response to Ebola--Click Here

October 16, 2014--Dallas Mayor says Ebola crisis will "get worse before it gets better."--Click Here

October 16, 2014--Texas Ebola patient transferred to hospital in Atlanta--Click Here

October 16, 2014--Nell Minnow, Movie Mom on movies opening this weekend--Click Here

October 15, 2014--Will Apple iPay be a good thing?--Click Here

October 15, 2014--Dr. Patrick Joseph on Ebola precautions--Click Here

October 14, 2014--Spokane City Councilwoman Karen Stratton on the latest from City Council--Click Here

October 14, 2014--Gas prices are expected to drop in Spokane--Click Here

October 14, 2014--U.S. military warns that climate change is the next security threat--Click Here

October 14, 2014--An update on the Ebola-infected nurse in Dallas--Click Here

October 14, 2014--ABC's Mary Bruce on what the Obama administration is doing to combat Ebola in the U.S.--Click Here

October 13, 2014--Dallas nurse who treated man with Ebola, now has Ebola herself--Click Here

October 13, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein on Comic-Con in New York--Click Here

October 13, 2014--Cities like Seattle change Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day--Click Here

October 13, 2014--Turkey allows U.S military to use bases for attacks on ISIS--Click Here

October 10, 2014--Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart on Mayor's budget proposal--Click Here

October 10, 2014--Movie watchdog group gives out it's first seal of approval--Click Here

October 10, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein reviews "The Judge"--Click Here

October 10, 2014--3-thousand Army soldiers will depart for Ebola's ground zero--Click Here

October 10, 2014--ABC's Mary Bruce on the President pushing the economy as mid-term elections near--Click Here

October 9, 2014--Beyond Pink event at Convention Center aims to raise money for women to get thermal imaging--Click Here

October 9, 2014--Spokane is neck and neck in quest to be America's Favorite Riverfront City--Click Here

October 9, 2014--Crime and Terrorism Analyst Brad Garrett on how to track down radicalized young people looking to join ISIS--Click Here

October 9, 2014--Nurse Jean  Ross explains why a new survey says most hospitals are not ready to deal with Ebola--Click Here

October 9, 2014--Dr. Robert Glatter explains what happens to the body when infected with Ebola--Click Here

October 8, 2014--Home Depot helps local veterans by renovating veteran housing in Spokane--Click Here

October 8, 2014--WSU Chancellor Lisa Brown on bringing medical school to Spokane--Click Here

October 8, 2014--Spokane Falls Community College offers new Orthotics-Prosthetics Program--Click Here

October 8, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein with today's entertainment news--Click Here

October 8, 2014--First is was #Bendgate, now it's #Hairgate-iPhone 6 tears out hair--Click Here

October 8, 2014--ABC's Mary Bruce on President's fundraising agenda--Click Here

October 7, 2014--Spokane City Councilwoman Candace Mumm on receiving Mayor's line-item budget--Click Here

October 7, 2014--U.S. health officials hope to stop Ebola at the border--Click Here

October 7, 2014--Hands-free in-car devices may be as distracting as cell phones--Click Here

October 6, 2014--Teen "sexting" and what it could lead to--Click Here

October 6, 2014--UCLA Professor of Constitutional Law, Adam Winkler on topics the U.S. Supreme Court may take on--Click Here

October 6, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein on "Gone Girl" taking top spot at the box office and Charlie Sheen in trouble with dental assistant--Click Here

October 6, 2014--ABC's Richard Davies looks at employment in the U.S. and other financial news of the day--Click Here

October 3, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein on the weekend movie releases--Click Here

October 3, 2014--Bill Chaves, EWU athletic director about the second ranked Eagles finally getting to play at home again--Click Here

October 3, 2014-- Create Spokane Executive Director Shannon Halberstadt on the 2014 Visual Arts Tour--Click Here

October 3, 2014--ABC's Richard Davies on if the U.S will bounce back from the August report--Click Here

October 3, 2014--Spokanimal Executive Director, Gail Mackie, talked to us about their PAWTY event--Click Here

October 2, 2014--Kim Papich from Spokane Regional Health District on Spokane hospital's readiness for Ebola--Click Here

October 2, 2014--Senator Mike Padden brings Law and Justice committee meeting to Spokane--Click Here

October 2, 2014--Crime and Terrorism Analyst Brad Garrett on what's wrong with the Secret Service--Click Here

October 2, 2014--Secret Service Director resigns amid White House controversy--Click Here

October 1, 2014--Former astronaut Mark Kelly and his wife former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords have written a book called "Enough: Our fight to keep America safe from gun violence"--Click Here

October 1, 2014--Dr. Daniel Kopans of Harvard Medical School on early detection of breast cancer--Click Here

October 1, 2014--Spokane's historic Steam Plant will light up in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month--Click Here

October 1, 2014--First Ebola case diagnosed in the United States--Click Here

October 1, 2014--Cancer Care Northwest Surgical Oncologist Dr. Maryam Parviz on Breast Cancer Awareness Month--Click Here

October 1, 2014--If your favorite NFL team stinks, you can still watch the game-maybe--Click Here

October 1, 2014--Secret Service Director is in the hot seat for security breaches at the White House--Click Here

September 30, 2014--Washington DOT wants your help counting bicyclists and pedestrians in Spokane--Click Here

September 30, 2014--European airlines allow people to use cell phones in-flight. Will it happen soon to U.S. airlines?--Click Here

September 30, 2014--ABC's Cheri Preson on ISIS moving closer to Baghdad--Click Here

September 29, 2014--Actor Kurt Fuller on his role in new ABC show "Manhattan Love Story"--Click Here

September 29, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein on George Clooney's wedding--Click Here

September 29, 2014--ABC's Richard Davies looks at the economy this week--Click Here

September 26, 2014--U.S. Representative Cathy McMorris Rodger on AG Holder's resignation, ISIS and being in Eastern Washington--Click Here

September 26, 2014--Reaction to Iraqi Prime Minister's mention of possible New York subway bomb plot--Click Here

September 26, 2014--Attorney General Eric Holder announces his resignation--Click Here

September 26, 2014--Kansas gets people ready for disasters with Zombie Apocalypse--Click Here

September 25, 2014--Senator, Andy Billig, on how he feels about the McCleary decision--Click Here

September 25, 2014--Representative, Kevin Parker talked to us about his views towards to McCleary decision--Click Here

September 25, 2014--Movie Mom Nell Minnow previews the movies opening this weekend--Click Here

September 24, 2014--Spokane City Councilman Jon Snyder on possibility of testing city's wastewater for levels of THC--Click Here

September 24, 2014--President Obama addresses the UN council--Click Here

September 24, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein reviews movies opening this weekend--Click Here

September 24, 2014--Crime and Terrorism Consultant Brad Garrett on terrorist cell Khorasan--Click Here

September 24, 2014--British Prime Minister declares support for U.S. strikes against ISIS--Click Here

September 23, 2014--Washington Poison Control is concerned about children ingesting liquid nicotine--Click Here

September 23, 2014--What does fantasy football mean for productivity at work--Click Here

September 23, 2014--City Councilwoman Candace Mumm--Click Here

September 23, 2014--ABC's Tom Rivers from London on air strikes in Syria--Click Here

September 23, 2014--ABC's Steven Portnoy on White House fence jumper and airstrikes on ISIS in Syria--Click Here

September 22, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky on Ray Rice appealing NFL suspension--Click Here

September 19, 2014--Hiring Heroes program links the military to jobs in Spokane--Click Here

September 19, 2014--National Weather Service opens door to the public this weekend--Click Here

September 19, 2014--What to watch out for this flu season--Click Here

September 19, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein has reviews of three movies opening this weekend--Click Here

September 19, 2014--ABC's Mary Bruce on Senate's vote to authorize arming Syrian rebels to fight ISIS--Click Here

September 18, 2014--Cooking for a Cause--Click Here

September 18, 2014--Movie Mom Nell Minnow previews the movies opening this weekend--Click Here

September 18, 2014--Preview of Salvation Army's Making Spokane Better Awards--Click Here

September 18, 2014--Crime and Terrorism Consultant Brad Garrett on ISIS threatening U.S. tourist sites--Click Here

September 18, 2014--ABC's Mary Bruce on President Obama meeting with Ukraine President--Click Here

September 17, 2014--Eastern State Hospital nurse talks about frequent assaults by patients--Click Here

September 17, 2014--Help the Shriner's Children Hospital at the Shriner's Duck Waddle 5k--Click Here

September 17, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein on new Avengers movie and Brian Cranston helping MLB--Click Here

September 17, 2014--Ray Rice to appeal NFL suspension as more suspensions come to a head--Click Here

September 17, 2014--U.S. General suggests "boots on the ground" in Iraq--Click Here

September 17, 2014--Fewer Americans lack health insurance according to new study--Click Here

September 16, 2014--Spokane City Councilwoman Karen Stratton on parking meters and domestic violence ordinances--Click Here

September 16, 2014--Spokane Regional Health District's Kim Papich responds to Enterovirus threat--Click Here

September 16, 2014--The NFL takes steps to address domestic violence issue--Click Here

September 16, 2014--Defense Secretary to testify on administration's plan to combat ISIS--Click Here

September 16, 2014--President Obama heads to the CDC to talk Ebola--Click Here

September 15, 2014--Dept. of Transportation's Al Gilson on I-90 backups due to hazardous materials leak on I-90--Click Here

September 15, 2014--Spokane Fire Cpt. Jeff Bordwell on hazardous material leak on I-90--Click Here

September 15, 2014--Entertainment reporter Matt Wolfe on Dancing with the Stars and Miss America--Click Here

September 15, 2014--Domestic violence cases piling up on NFL--Click Here

September 15, 2014--Richard Davies on the success of iPhone 6 before it hits store shelves--Click Here

September 12, 2014--Premier of Z Nation is Friday night in Spokane--Click Here

September 12, 2014--Actor Tom Everett Scott on fiming zombie series Z Nation in Spoknae--Click Here

September 12, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein reviews Dolphin Tale 2 and The Drop--Click Here

September 12, 2014--Legendary sports broadcaster Keith Jackson honored at WSU this weekend--Click Here

September 12, 2014--Author Michael Backes on his book "Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana"--Click Here

September 12, 2014--Russia warns U.S. against air strikes on ISIS in Syria--Click Here

September 12, 2014--Lawmakers react to President Obama's plan to take on ISIS--Click Here

September 11, 2014--United Way of Spokane takes part in National Day of Action--Click Here

September 11, 2014--WSU Spokane celebrates 25 years--Click Here

September 11, 2014--Crime and Terrorism consultant Brad Garrett on President's speech about ISIS--Click Here

September 11, 2014--ABC's Mike Boettcher on his documentary "One Day Soon" on the topic of mass casualty terrorist attacks--Click Here

September 10, 2014--Dana Wollman from Engadget gives her review of Apple's new iPhone and iWatch--Click Here

September 10, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein's entertainment report--Click Here

September 10, 2014--New Study: Pilots using more legal/illegal drugs--Click Here

September 10, 2014--Lawmakers divided on how to proceed against terrorist group ISIS, on the eve of President Obama's national address--Click Here

September 9, 2014--Spokane Mayor David Condon on city's budget, public forums, body cameras and volunteerism--Click Here, Part 2

September 9, 2014--Spokane city council member Amber Waldref on crosswalks and Ben Burr trail--Click Here

September 9, 2014--ABC's White House Correspondent of 41 years, Ann Compton retires--Click Here

September 9, 2014--Fallout from video showing NFL player Ray Rice assaulting fiance--Click Here

September 9, 2014--How does America battle ISIS? Military author Bing West on his experience with Marine troops on the ground fighting terrorists--Click Here

September 9, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on Olive Garden's "Never Ending Pasta Pass"--Click Here

September 8, 2014--Former Zag basketball star Dan Dickau on his new radio show on 700 ESPN--Click Here

September 8, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on upcoming speech by President Obama on strategy to deal with terrorist group ISIS--Click Here

September 8, 2014--Author Cristin O'Keefe on hew new biography "Dr. Mutter's Marvels-A True Tale of Intrigue and Innovation at the Dawn of Modern Medicine"--Click Here

September 8, 2014--ABC's Richard Davies explains how you can get money for your old iPhone--Click Here

September 5, 2014--The Spokane County Interstate Fair gets underway Friday--Click Here

September 5, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein reviews the one movie opening this weekend--Click Here

September 5, 2014--Joan Rivers dies at the age of 81--Click Here

September 5, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton traveling with the President in Wales for NATO Summit--Click Here

September 4, 2014--Paul Moyer of Seahawk's Broadcasting Group talks about Thursday's game--Click Here

September 4, 2014--President Obama is in Wales for NATO Summit--Click Here

September 4, 2014--Can ISIS be stopped?--Click Here

September 4, 2014--Fast food workers plan strikes for higher wages throughout the country--Click Here

September 3, 2014--ABC's Tom Rivers on the authentication of the second ISIS execution video released--Click Here

September 3, 2014--Associate Superintendent Mark Anderson on school ribbon cutting ceremonies--Click Here

September 3, 2014--Matt Gibson from the Spokane Arena on the 20th anniversary of the Spokane Arena--Click Here

September 3, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on President heading to Eastern Europe for Key NATO conference--Click Here

August 29, 2014--David Blaustein reviews the movies opening this weekend--Click Here

August 29, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on President's response to ISIS and Ukraine--Click Here

August 29, 2014--Cheaper gas is on it's way!--Click Here

August 29, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky on NFL revising penalties for players accused of sexual assault--Click Here

August 28, 2014--Rep. Kevin Parker on helping the Pateros community after wildfires, and raising money for ALS research--Click Here

August 28, 2014--Crime and Terrorism Analyst Brad Garrett on how terrorist groups like ISIS recruit new members--Click Here

August 28, 2014--Soccer moms and dads sue FIFA over concussions--Click Here

August 27, 2014--It's time for Pig Out in the Park--Click Here

August 27, 2014--Idaho Governor Butch Otter on Priest Lake land auction and Washington pot--Click Here

August 27, 2014--Spokane Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Redinger on back to school time--Click Here

August 27, 2014--Washington schools get graded-Chris Cargill breaks down the numbers--Click Here

August 27, 2014--This week's entertainment news with Matt Wolfe--Click Here

August 27, 2014--Jordana Millin in Jerusalem with news on cease-fire agreement--Click Here

August 27, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on President authorizing surveillance flights over Syria--Click Here

August 26, 2014--Avista's Energy Fair aims to save you money--Click Here

August 26, 2014--ABC's Jason Nathonson was back stage at the Emmy Awards--Click Here

August 26, 2014--ABC's Alex Stone in Napa, California feels the aftershocks--Click Here

August 25, 2014--Britain close to naming James Foley's executioner--Click Here

August 25, 2014--American journalist held by al-Qaeda group set free after two years of captivity--Click Here

August 25, 2014--State of emergency is declared in California after earthquake rocks Bay area--Click Here

August 25, 2014--ABC's White House Correspondent Ann Compton on priorities for the President now that he's back from vacation--Click Here

August 25, 2014--A look at the economy in the week ahead--Click Here

August 22, 2014--Garden Guru Phyllis Stephens on lack of yellow jackes & wasps and what that means this fall--Click Here

August 22, 2014--EWU Athletic Director Bill Chaves on big Eagles game this Saturday--Click Here

August 22, 2014--Calmer days and nights in Ferguson, Missouri--Click Here

August 22, 2014--David Blaustein reviews movies opening this weekend--Click Here

August 22, 2014--ABC's Matt Gutman previews his story of a murderous love triangle set to air on 20/20 tonight--Click Here

August 21, 2014--WSU students return to class in Pullman on Monday--Click Here

August 21, 2014--American Ebola patients are set to be released from the hospital--Click Here

August 21, 2014--Crime and Terrorism Consultant Brad Garrett on militarization of law enforcement--Click Here

August 21, 2014--Movie Mom, Nell Minnow asks movie goers to see something other than Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles--Click Here

August 21, 2014--ABC's Tom Rivers on investigation into James Foley's execution and the search for the jihadist with the British accent--Click Here

August 20, 2014--President Obama's unwanted war-what are the possible next steps in Iraq--Click Here

August 20, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on President Obama and the U.S offensive in Iraq--Click Here

August 20, 2014--ABC's Steven Portnoy updates situation from Ferguson, Missouri--Click Here

August 19, 2014--SNAP needs volunteers to help the elderly living in long-term care facilities--Click Here

August 19, 2014--Spokane City Councilman Mike Fagan on dealing with foreclosed properties in the city, and new crosswalks--Click Here

August 19, 2014--Ferguson, Missour remains volatile-ABC's Steven Portnoy is there--Click Here

August 19, 2014--What is the most-stolen car in the U.S?--Click Here

August 18, 2014--Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers in Spokane for Town Hall meeting--Click Here

August 18, 2014--David Blaustein's entertainment report--Click Here

August 18, 2014--New study says mental disabilities among U.S. children is up--Click Here

August 18, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on the President returning to the White House during his vacation--Click Here

August 18, 2014--ABC's Richard Davies on the economy in the week ahead--Click Here

August 15, 2014--Okanogan Co. Sheriff Frank Rogers on wildfires, FEMA support and threat of mudslides--Click Here

August 15, 2014--British Air pilot briefly loses control of plane because of artificial arm--Click Here

August 15, 2014--What's happening on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos"--Click Here

August 14, 2014--Cops n' Kids event in Spokane on Saturday enters it's 22nd year--Click Here

August 14, 2014--Help fight hear disease by getting off the couch-The American Heart Assocation's has a way for you to lead a healthier life--Click Here

August 14, 2014--Movie Mom, Nell Minnow reviews The Giver--Click Here

August 14, 2014--ABC's Crime and Terrorism analyst Brad Garrett on investigation into Missouri police-involved shooting--Click Here

August 14, 2014--President Obama weighs his options for rescuing Iraq refugees--Click Here

August 14, 2014--Oxford announces new words for it's online dictionary--Click Here

August 13, 2014--Riverside State Park's Chris Guidotti on the burn ban.--Click Here

August 13, 2014--ABC's Jim Ryan on the situation in Ferguson, Missouri.--Click Here

August 13, 2014--ABC's Jason Nathanson with more reaction to the death of Robin Williams--Click Here

August 12, 2014--EWU will meet with students and families affected by the Carlton Complex fires.--Click Here

August 12, 2014--ABC's Jason Nathanson on the death of Robin Williams.--Click Here

August 12, 2014--Spokane City Councilwoman Candace Mumm on graffiti and pedestrian safety.--Click Here

August 12, 2014--FareCompare.com's Rick Seaney on airline entertainment changes.--Click Here

August 12, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on the president on Iraq and Robin Williams.--Click Here

August 8, 2014--Military cemetary in Medical Lake will host special ceremony to inter veteran's remains that were previously unnamed--Click Here

August 8, 2014--Local man starts petition to rename North-South Corridor after Tom Foley--Click Here

August 8, 2014--White House Correspondent Ann Compton on the U.S' response to Iraq crisis--Click Here

August 8, 2014--Questioning of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is complete-Find out what's next in the investigation--Click Here

August 8, 2014--ABC's Alex Stone on LAX stowaway back in action--Click Here

August 7, 2014--The National Weather Service in Spokane on our hot, dry weather and whether it will last--Click Here

August 7, 2014--White House Correspondent Ann Compton on President's plea to African nations--Click Here

August 7, 2014--Crime and Terrorism Analyst Brad Garrett on Russian hackers stealing millions of passwords--Click Here

August 7, 2014--Isreali/Hamas leaders try to come to a peace agreement as a cease fire deadline draws near--Click Here

August 6, 2014--Spokane Mayor David Condon on his 2015 city budget proposal--Click Here

August 6, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on U.S.-Africa summit, Army General shot and killed in Kabul and corporate inversions--Click Here

August 6, 2014--Updated information on two American's being treated for Ebola--Click Here

August 6, 2014--ABC's Jim Ryan with an update on the investigation into Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's disappearance and capture by the Taliban--Click Here

August 5, 2014--The 2nd American doctor infected with Ebola is scheduled to arrive Tuesday in Atlanta--Click Here

August 5, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on U.S.-Africa Summit at the White House--Click Here

August 5, 2014--Which University takes the spot as Top Party School?--Click Here

August 4, 2014--WSU to induct Steve Gleason into 2014 Athletic Hall of Fame--Click Here

August 4, 2014--Washington Utilities Commission offers a way for you to deal with utilities company problems with "In Your Corner" program--Click Here

August 4, 2014--David Blaustein's entertainment report--Click Here

August 4, 2014--Jordana Miller live from Jerusalem on the latest cease fire--Click Here

August 4, 2014--ABC's Richard Davies with a look at the economy in the week ahead--Click Here

August 1, 2014--The Washington Attorney General's office challenges recent rate increase requests by Avista Utilities--Click Here

August 1, 2014--Cougar sightings near Spokane prompt warning from Dept. of Wildlife--Click Here

August 1, 2014--Up on the Roof event to raise money for Unity in the Community--Click Here

August 1, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky on American Ebola patients being transferred from Africa to the U.S.--Click Here

August 1, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein loves "Gaurdians of the Galaxy" and "Get On Up"--Click Here

August 1, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on the next roll-out of Obamacare and how officials predict it will go--Click Here

July 31, 2014--Washington participates in 15 state emphasis patrol on I-90/94--Click Here

July 31, 2014--ABC's Steven Portnoy on House threatening to veto border bill and any action taken before 5-week recess--Click Here

July 31, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on killer weather and what that means--Click Here

July 30, 2014--"Give Real Change" campaign gets underway in Spokane--Click Here

July 30, 2014--America's top doctor declares skin cancer a "major public health problem"--Click Here

July 30, 2014--The House of Representatives seriously scales back funding for the border crisis--Click Here

July 30, 2014--ABC's Tom Rivers on new sanctions against Russia--Click Here

July 29, 2014--Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers on VA hospital legislation and immigration reform--Click Here

July 29, 2014--Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers updates the Carlton Complex fires and how communities are trying to move on--Click Here

July 29, 2014--Spokane City Councilman Mike Allen on Streets and Park measures going on the November ballot--Click Here

July 29, 2014--Malaysia flight 17's data recorders reveal new information--Click Here

July 29, 2014--JetBlue airlines considers adding baggage fees, and no deals for airline travelers--Click Here

July 29, 2014--ABC's Jordana Miller from Jerusalem on the Isreal-Palestine conflict--Click Here

July 28, 2014--Pitch for a Cure is August 3rd-Find out how you can help--Click Here

July 28, 2014--Comic-con 2014 recap from ABC's Jason Nathonson, including what Freddie Prinze Jr. says about his time on "24"--Click Here

July 28, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on legislation to reform the country's VA hospitals--Click Here

July 25, 2014--Liquor Control Board member Chris Marr on the opening weeks of recreational marijuana sales in Washington--Click Here

July 25, 2014--Power is still out for thousands of residents in the Spokane area. Avista's Jessie Wuerst with an update--Click Here

July 25, 2014--The 455th Engineer Company out of Hayden, Idaho returns from nearly a year overseas. Wife and mom, Danielle Turner on her husband's return--Click Here

July 25, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein's movie reviews for the weekend--Click Here

July 25, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on Pentagon specialists heading to the border--Click Here

July 24, 2014-- Steve Bodnar from the Spokane National Weather Service on the storm and damages--Click Here

July 24, 2014--Julie Happy with the City of Spokane with an update on the work on Ray and Grand--Click Here

July 24, 2014--Governor Jay Inslee on the federal dollars that will come in to help with the firefighting--Part One. Part Two

July 24, 2014--ABC's Jim Ryan on the Arizona botched execution--Click Here

July 24, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on six more GM recalls--Click Here

July 24, 2014--ABC's Brad Garrett on the risk of being hit by a surface-to-missle--Click Here

July 23, 2014--ABC's Jordana Miller on a Gaza rocket landing near Israel's main airport at Israel hammers down on Gaza--Click Here

July 23, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky on the crash site investigation still facing obstructions--Click Here

July 23, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on Obamacare facing speed bumbs--Click Here

July 23, 2014--Kevin Parker from Dutch Bros on how to keep donating to help wildfire victims--Click Here

July 22, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on how your cheeseburger is leaving a giant environmental footprint--Click Here

July 22, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky on the delivery of the Malaysian crash victims bodies to Dutch authorities--Click Here

July 22,2014--Megan Snow with Red Cross on wildfire donations and the community response--Click Here

July 22, 2014--Spokane City Council Candace Mumm on the wildfires, Riverfront Park and parking meters--Click Here 

July 22, 2014--Kevin Parker from Dutch Bros on how to donate to help wildfire victims--Click Here

July 21, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on mounting concern over downed Malaysian airliner in Ukraine--Click Here

July 21, 2014--ABC's Jordana Miller in Jerusalem on the bloodiest day of the Isreal-Palestine conflict--Click Here

July 21, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein's entertainment report--Click Here

July 19, 2014--Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers on the latest in Pateros, Brewster and surrounding areas dealing with wildfires--Click Here

July 19, 2014--DNR's Tim Percival at one of the Incident Command posts in north central Washington where wildfires have taken a disasterous turn--Click Here

July 19, 2014--Megan Snow from the Inland Northwest Red Cross on helping victims of Washington wildfires--Click Here

July 19, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky in Kiev covering the Malaysian airliner tragedy--Click Here

July 19, 2014--Tech editor for ZDNet Mary Jo Foley on layoffs at Microsoft--Click Here

July 19, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein's weekend movie review--Click Here

July 18, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on the President responding to downed Malaysian plane, and crisis in Isreal-Palestine--Click Here

July 18, 2014--Federal government is accusing FedEx of being a national drug trafficker--Click Here

July 17, 2014--Go to the next "Coffee with a Cop" and you could win "The Club" to protect your car--Click Here

July 17, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky in Jerusalem on Isreal-Palestine conflict--Click Here

July 17, 2014--The life unaccomanied immigrant children are leaving behind--Click Here

July 17, 2014--President Obama announces new sanctions against Russia--Click Here

July 17, 2014--Homebuilders start to offer "pet suites" or special rooms for Fido--Click Here

July 16, 2014--Local food service workers learn how to make healthy school lunches from scratch in a "Culinary Boot Camp"--Click Here

July 16, 2014--Spokane County Auditor Vicki Dalton on ballots being sent out for upcoming August primary election--Click Here

July 16, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein's entertainment report-Thor is a woman--Click Here

July 16, 2014--Google starts work on contact lenses that could detect blook sugar levels--Click Here

July 16, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky live from Jerusalem with latest on violence--Click Here

July 16, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on crisis in Isreal and the President's visit with the Hispanic Caucus--Click Here

July 15, 2014--Isreal, Gaza crisis intensifies--Click Here

July 15, 2014--Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is back at work-ABC's Jim Ryan has an update--Click Here

July 15, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on the President's push for more funding to help the nation's infrastructure--Click Here

July 14, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein with the weekend movie reviews--Click Here

July 14, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky on Israel stepping up strikes on Gaza--Click Here

July 14, 2014--ABC's Richard Davies on tech companies taking center stage--Click Here

July 14, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on a new study dispelling health benefits of moderate drinking--Click Here

July 11, 2014--Author, Steve Koonce, on his book about beer in Idaho--Click Here

July 11, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein reviews this weekend's movies--Click Here

July 11, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on the FTC saying kids' illegal Amazon purchases are costing parents millions--Click Here

July 11, 2014--ABC's Steven Portnoy on Boehner unveling lawsuit against the president, and it targeting Obamacare--Click Here

July 10, 2014--Department of Natural Resources' Guy Gifford on Long Lake wildfire--Click Here

July 10, 2014--ABC's Aaron Katersky live from Jerusalem on violence from Isreal-Palestine conflict--Click Here

July 10, 2014--Crime and Terrorism Consultant Brad Garrett on arrest of notorious international hacker--Click Here

July 10, 2014--New reports shows colleges and universities are doing little to combat sexual assault on campus--Click Here

July 9, 2014--How did the first day of legal pot sales go for Spokane's Green Leaf?--Click Here

July 9, 2014--The Cheney Rodeo is this weekend. Rodeo Queen Madi Casto has the details--Click Here

July 9, 2014--Spokane Police Spokesperson Monique Cotton on Deaconess shooting and pot sales--Click Here

July 9, 2014--Isreal steps up defensive with deadly Gaza bombings--Click Here

July 9, 2014--Nighttime congressional hearing casts more bad light on VA hospital scandal--Click Here

uly 9, 2014--President Obama and Texas Governor Rick Perry finalize their face-to-face meeting on immigrant children crisis in U.S.--Click Here

July 8, 2014--Washington Liquor Control Board Member Chris Marr on beginning of legal retail marijuana in the state--Click Here, Part Two

July 8, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on what's next in the immigrant children crisis--Click Here

July 8, 2014--Farecompare.com's Rick Seaney on how new airline security regulations will affect you--Click Here

July 7, 2014--Cell phones become latest security target on overseas flights heading into the U.S.--Click Here

July 7, 2014--If you're a lover of rare, unique cars--Click Here

July 7, 2014--Germany is ticked off again over U.S. spying business--Click Here

July 7, 2014--The latest on the immigrant children crisis in the U.S.--Click Here

July 7, 2014--ABC's Richard Davies takes a look at the economy in the week ahead--Click Here

July 3, 2014--Movie Mom, Nell Minnow reviews this holiday weekend's new movies--Click Here

July 3, 2014--The TSA is increasing airport security at some overseas airports-Crime and Terrorism consultant Brad Garrett explains why--Click Here

July 3, 2014--How the President is spending his 4th of July weekend-and it's not what you think--Click Here

July 3, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg introduces hurricane Arthur and what it is expected to do to the Carolina coastline--Click Here

July 2, 2014--ABC's Matt Wolfe covering the biggest stories in entertainment--Click Here

July 2, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on U.S National Soccer team out of the World Cup--Click Here

July 2, 2014--Nancy Hill from SCRAPS on how to protect your pets during this holiday weekend--Click Here

July 2, 2014--Al Gilson from the Department of Transportation on 4th of July patrols--Click Here

July 2, 2014--Idaho State Governor on Butch Otter on new gun laws and pot on campus part one--Click Here

July 2, 2014--Idaho State Governor on Butch Otter on new gun laws and pot on campus part two--Click Here

July 1, 2014--Spokane's fireworks ban has worked well!--Click Here

July 1, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein movie reviews for the holiday weekend--Click Here

July 1, 2014--ABC's Jim Ryan on the cost of living.--Click Here

June 30, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on Facebook underfire over psychology study--Click Here

June 30, 2014--ABC"s Aaron Katersky on the suspect in Benghazi attack arraigned in U.S--Click Here

June 30, 2014--ABC's Richard Davies on gas prices heating up--Click Here

June 27, 2014--The medical tents are ready if you get hurt in Hoopfest--Click Here

June 27, 2014--ABC's David Blaustein on Transformers--Click Here

June 27, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on the U.S. World Cup team preparing for Belgium--Click Here

June 26, 2014--ABC's Brad Garrett on ISIS: the world's most powerful terrorist organization--Click Here

June 26, 2014--Movie Mom reviews the weekend movie releases--Click Here

June 26, 2014--ABC's Steven Portnoy on Supreme Court  rules on Aereo, cell phone searches, with more to come--Click Here

June 26, 2014--Matt Santangelo from Hoopfest on what it takes to get ready for the big weekend event--Click Here

June 26, 2014--ABC's Scott Goldberg on USA VS. Germany, with a spot in the World Cup knock out stage on the line--Click Here

June 25, 2014--ABC's Matt Wolfe on anniversary of Michael Jackson's death--Click Here

June 25, 2014--ABC's Ann Compton on crisis in Iraq and immigrant children problem in the U.S.--Click Here

June 25, 2014--KFC says claim that "disfigured" little girl got kicked out of restaurant is all a hoax by the girl's family--Click Here

June 24, 2014--Car chase in Spokane valley keeps deputies busy--Click Here

June 24, 2014--Spokane City Council member Amber Waldref on new food truck regulations--Click Here

June 24, 2014--Earth smashed a record for heat in May. What does this mean?--Click Here

June 24, 2014--Sec. of State John Kerry says fate of Iraq could be decided this week--

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