Rick Rydell is the host of the Rick Rydell Radio Program on KXLY Newsradio 920. Born right here in Washington, Rick split his formative years between here and Montana and most recently spent 20 years in Alaska. Rick began broadcasting in Spokane in 1981 working at various radio stations here through the mid 80’s. He also worked Portland, Cleveland, and then on to 20 years in Alaska where he was named 2004 Republican Man of the Year.

Rydell has also been a professional guide for hunting and fishing most of his life and is a bestselling author. He has written “Alaska Happens” and “Blood on the Tundra” and is currently writing a new book based on outdoors adventures in the Inland Empire. Rick is a “Life Member” of the NRA and has maintained his ranch North of Spokane since 1990 always knowing that his travels would bring him back home.

Rick and his wife, Susan, have raised 5 kids and currently have two grandkids and are living in semi-retirement on their ranch, when they are not on their boat, the MV Ronald Reagan IV.


You can reach Rick at RickR@kxly.com


Call 509-326-9200 to talk to Rick Rydell


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